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Image:EUB Logo.gif|thumb|Official emblem of The Evangelical United Brethren Church The '''Evangelical United Brethren Church''' ('''EUB''') was an American Protestant church formed in 1946, by the merger of the Evangelical Association|Evangelical Church (formerly the Evangelical Association) and the Church of the United Brethren in Christ (not to be confused with the still current Church of the United Brethren in Christ (Old Constitution)). The United Brethren and the Evangelical Association had considered merging off and on since the early 19th century because of their common emphasis on holiness and evangelism and their common History of Germany|German heritage. The Evangelical United Brethren subsequently merged with Methodist Church (USA)|The Methodist Church, (which itself had been formed in 1939, from the re-unification from a mid-19th-century split of the Methodist Episcopal Church, the Methodist Protestant...
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